Patch Brigade Embroidery – Printing – Laser Services

Terms and Conditions

The following are Patch Brigade terms and conditions that you agree upon when requesting custom work.


Patch Brigade is not responsible if the customer has a change of mind or size after order has been submitted, approved, or begun prodcution. All brands and styles of shirts fit differently and it will be up to the buyer to predetermine the appropriate sizes needed. Blank garments/items are orderable upon request and prepayment, once verified appropriate for requested work to be done. Customer provided garments will be charged $1 fee each piece. It is recommended to provide/order a small amount of extras due to expected print/embroidery errors.

Artwork / Digitizing Fees

Please submit clean high resolution artwork appropriately needed for digital conversion. Faxes, copies, business cards, letterheads or photos may not be high enough resolution. Extra charges may be encured for work needed to redraw/convert images to the correct necessary requirements. Some logos have text/font sizing that might not sitch good. In which case me may ask you about slightly altering the text size and may change the layout a little. Not all details may be translated to embroidery, printing, or laser etching and we will ask you about making acceptable changes. During some processes, we might not be aware of details that won’t translate well and Patch Brigade will not be responsible. Partial / full payment may be required for some requests. Artwork preperation / embroidery digitizing / art setup fees may be required upfront and invoiced separartely or as a deposit. Additionally, extra charges may be added for requested changes for each draft/change.


Patch Brigade will proceed with your order once we have received approval of the proof either via email or in writing. You agree that all approvals, notices, disclosures and other communications we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing. In some cases, a deposit/down payment or full payment may be required before begins or before an order can ship or be picked up.

Patch Brigade is not responsible for any typographical mistakes or errors that are overlooked and later approved by the customer. In addition, Patch Brigade cannot be held responsible for any physical or financial damages that may be incurred as a result of the error or mistake after the order has been begun.

For example, if an order is supposed to read “Happy Holidays”, but the artwork gets approved with a typographical error so the artwork reads “Hapy Holidays” (missing a “p” in “Happy”), Patch Brigade cannot be held responsible for the misprint as a result of the error. Once the customer approves the proof and order acknowledgment, we are not at liberty to make ANY changes to the order. Whether correct or with errors, the order is printed exactly as approved by the customer. For this reason, it is VERY IMPORTANT to carefully look over ALL the paperwork before replying with your approval.

Customer Supplied Embroidery Files

Not all digitzed embroidery files are created equal. 10 digitizers can digitize the same file 10 different ways. Layer orders, fabric type, pathing, density, settings, trims, etc are all elements to factor in when drawing a digitized embroidery file. Also, every brand of machine works with different embroidery file types. In the event you supply a previously digitized design, we must first see if the file is openable and usuable. Depending on the type of file, we may be able to convert it, but will still not be able to make changes. We MUST run a sample for you at the rate of $5.00. It is mandatory to test how well the file is made and if it is appropriate for the fabric type of your order. Variances in results are typical from machine to machine. In the event your file does not meet expectations, we may ask for approval to modify or recreate the file at our normal digitizing rates. If you insist on using your supplied file, Patch Brigade is not responsible for stitching results from customer supplied embroidery files.

Stitched samples likely will not match fabric in your actual order as in-house fabric is patch fabric (tight and dense) and your order may be clothing (more stretchy) or special fabric. This will cause variance as digitized embroidery files should factor in fabric type when they are originally being created. A logo digitized for a t-shirt will stitch differently on a hat, jeans, softshell material, spandex, etc. Unless you provide physical fabric samples/extra garments of your material, there is no gauranteed way to get the best results and there will be variances. We recommend including extra garments in your order if you wish to have us test your design on your specific orders fabric and for possible replacements from the occasional machine error.

Ownership of Artwork and Digitized Files

All submitted artwork to Patch Brigade is assumed to have your concent to use and that you assume all legal rights to use. Patch Brigade will assume no legal resonsbility for artwork you submit but do not own. While you own the right to control the use of your logo, all artwork and digitizing created by Patch Brigade remains the property of Patch Brigade. All electronic files created by Patch Brigade will remain the property of Patch Brigade for our exclusive use to complete orders. Standard digitizing service is 7-10 business days. Digitize fees are invoiced up front to begin the re-drawing digitize process. This is NOT a drag-and-drop process of an image. It is a special process that can require hours of drawing, path routing, settings, experience, and test stitching to get your image stitching correctly. Digitizing fees only cover the skill of creating the file necessary for your order.

Because it is our policy to render art services for production orders solely on a cost recovery basis. Therefore, your embroidery file can be purchased to ow and nany transfer to the client of rights to creative works and materials prepared or contracted by our personnel is subject to reasonable release fees reflective with the creative services rendered and at a value as determined solely by us.


All orders are considered “firm” when placed and you enter an implyed contract once there is written acknowledgement with order approval. No cancellations/refunds on finished merchandise are accepted. Cancellations made prior to production are permitted, subject to charges for artwork in progress, completed custom digitizing and return of merchandise acquired including all restocking fees and shipping costs incurred by Patch Brigade.

Customer Responsibility

Patch Brigade guests are responsible for selecting the correct size, color, and/or style of goods. Please see APPROVALS above as well.

Patch Brigade is not responsible if customer changes design, after approval or waiver has been signed and design has been placed on goods.

Extra items/garments must be supplied by client for testing and extra backups. Machines are unpredictable and can have errors or damage items out of our control. If extra items are not provied, Patch Brigade is not responsible if final quantity needed is not met.

Customer Supplied Apparel

Patch Brigade, at its discretion, will embroider/screen print customer supplied garments, however, we do not encourage it. There is a 5% chance that our machines will malfunction, therefore, we cannot assume responsibility of your garment.

The customer assumes all liability for any items that sustain machine damage while at our business location. Patch Brigade will not replace customer-supplied goods if this occurs.

Please note that Patch Brigade will take the best possible care with supplied goods. However, any machine is subject to occasional malfunctions.

Patch Brigade reserves the right to decline the acceptance of customer-supplied goods.

Garments must be new for printing . Embroidered items can be used/washed garments, but may encure extra charges if extra materials/steps are required to get the desired results.

All setup and art fees will still apply and minimum quantities may be required.

All embellishments to customer supplied goods will be billed at up to twice the normal embellishment rate.


When you provide us with an e-mail address or phone number, it is to contact you in regards to your order with the specified contact method you prefer. We may use the information to occasionally notify you about special sales or services and other valuable updates to personalize your online shopping transactions with us.

If you prefer that we not contact you in this manner, we will promptly remove you from our e-mail address list at your request. We will not sell, or share your information with anyone unless required by law.

Launder-ability and Shrinkage

Some shrinkage is unavoidable in garments. To minimize shrinkage, follow washing instructions on garment label.  Patch Brigade is not responsible for shrinkage of garments or damage to embellishment after washing.


Special ordered unused product that is left at our business for more than 90 days without communication becomes property of Patch Brigade and is subjected to a minimum restocking fee of 15% of the total invoice. Specialty made custom product will not be release until full payment has been verified.


Patch Brigade processes electronic payments through Square Inc. to accept credit/debit cards. In person orders may be paid with cash or check with prior approval and clearing deposit at bank. Certain orders may also accept wire transfer with prior arrangement and before production begins.


Merchandise is sold at prices agreed upon at time of bid. Patch Brigade reserves the right to adjust prices to reflect changes to your artwork, substituted garments, requested changes, or other changes in the marketplace in the course of fulfillment. Payment deposit or full payment may be required on a case-by-case bases at the discretion of Patch Brigade. Partial/full payment will usually be required to special order blank shirts or specifically needed thread colors, laser engrave material/objects, or any supplies needed to complete your order. Please see ARTWORK for info on perperation charges.


No returns accepted on custom created items or without prior authorization for unaltered items. All claims must be made within three days of receipt of goods. Please see CUSTOMER RESPONSIBILITY.


Due to market conditions and mill variances, we cannot guarantee consistency in sizes to match from order to order, color to color, or brand to brand. Every garment is made slightly different and may affect final outcome and not the repsonsbility of Patch Brigade.


Text for orders should be submitted as you want it to look. The name of the font is extremely appreciated. If you do not know the name of the font, we will suggest one that is similar or more friendly for embroidery. Embroidery fonts are not the same as regular computer fonts. If you want the exact font, there will be an extra charge for finding the font, or for digitizing it. Suggesting a similar font is usually the best option for you. Some logos have text/font sizing that might not sitch good. In which case me may ask you about slightly altering the test size and may change the layout a little.

Trademarks, Logos and Copyrights

All the logos and trademarks are registered trademarks and logos of their respective owners and copyright holders. They are provided only as a convenience for their lawful use, and should be used only by owner of the logo or trademark, authorized agents or affiliates, with proper permission from the copyright holders.

Any customer of Patch Brigade represents and warrants to Patch Brigade that he or she has the unrestricted right to use, copy and distribute each copyright, trademark, service mark, trade name, logo, statement, graphic, artwork, name, photograph, portrait, picture or illustration of any person or any other intellectual property in the way it is to be printed on or otherwise applied to the merchandise ordered by the customer. All customers must agree to defend, indemnify and hold Patch Brigade harmless from any claims, suits or actions alleging that the merchandise ordered by the customer violates or infringes upon any rights of any third party.

All customers are solely responsible for obtaining proper permissions and licenses from third parties whose rights may be violated or infringed. To use any logo, trademark or copyrighted items, a customer MUST have written permission from the owner of the logo or trademark or copyright, or be an employee or authorized agent or affiliate of the owner. A customer may NOT use any logo or other graphic material in a manner which may infringe copyright. A customer also may NOT use any logo or trademark in a vulgar, libelous, disparaging or otherwise unlawful manner. Patch Brigade assumes no responsibility for damages or any wrong doing that the customer may cause using a logo, trademark or copyrighted items. Patch Brigade shall not be held liable for the unauthorized, improper, or illegal use of any logo or trademark or copyright that is printed on or otherwise applied to merchandise ordered or purchased by the customer through Patch Brigade

Stitch Counts

Quotes for stitch counts are estimates only and may ary based on final digitizing. Final count will be based on the digitized embroidery file of the approved stitched sample proof. Run charges and digitizing will be adjusted on your final invoice to reflect the final stutch count. All stitch counds are rounded up to the next thousand. (EX. 780 stitches = 1000 stitches)

Virtual Samples

Some products shown are for demonstration purposes only. Actual product and color may vary slightly from what is displayed on your computer monitor. Virtual samples are not exact representations of your product, but intended to give you a good idea of what your finished merchandise will look like. Digital mockups are intended for approval process and indicates a minimum of digiziting / art preperation has begun.

Production / Delivery Time

Patch Brigade will usually ask when you need this by. This is intended to TRY to meet that deadline, however that is not always possible. Patch Brigade will not be reponsible for any damages from an attempted timeline not being met. This includes shipping times/delays that are out of our control. Production time can range from same day to 1-2 weeks, depending on prodcution schedule. Extra charges are added if you have a special request for fast services. This includes special requests for Sunday work to meet a Monday deadline, same day work, and any request within 5 regular business days once everything has been approved. Please see the pricing reference page for more details.


If a damaged item or error occurs Patch Brigade is not responsible for garment replacement. If we are able to, and have an item in stock, we may try to replace it with a substituted item that might be different. Sometimes this means a similar model/product ID but in a different color. Additionally, embroidered patches/items may need a substituted thread color .

Privacy Policy

We will not sell, trade or give your information to anyone not required by law.