Tragically, our hometown of El Paso was struck with a horrible mass shooting. Effecting the city greatly, many local business jumped into action to try to help in anyway possible. Patch Brigade designed some patches to list the very next day in order to help raise money for the community victim’s fund. We have met our deadline for our donation cutoff so we would like to thank the following people for their purchase that was contributed to our donation pool. Everyone on this this who purchased, anyone or purchase for someone else, and anyone who helped in any way in any location, to show support for El Paso and it’s victims … should be proud and we’re all grateful. Thank you! – Patch Brigade

Papabear – El Paso
El Paso Texas Sun City Bearded Villians – El Paso
Raul S. – Fort Stewart, Ga 
Amanda C. – Schertz, Tx
Trisha L. – El Paso, Tx
Donna K. – Coppell, Tx
John G. – El Paso, Tx
Yadira H. – Saginaw, Tx
Ben D. – Austin, Tx
Charlie S. – Myrtle Beach, Sc
David K. – Madison, Al
Crystal A. – El Paso, Tx
Ruben B. – Glen Burnie, Md
Ivan S. – Las Vegas, Nv
Mary S. – Tallahassee, Fl
Carlos R. – El Paso, Tx
Omar D. – El Paso, Tx
Albert B. – El Paso, Tx
Amanda C. – Tucson, Az
David Martinez. – El Paso, Tx
Linda F. – Gainesville, Ga
Isaiah P. – El Paso, Tx
Dona D. – Santa Teresa, Nm
Ricardom. – Victorville, Ca 
Juliegrace C. – Alamogordo, Nm
Eduardo L. – El Paso, Tx
Michael C. – Houston, Tx
Isaiah K. – El Paso, Tx
James & Kristina M. + Nina – El Paso, Tx
Adrian N. – El Paso, Tx
Gabriela M. – Richardson, Tx
Regina H. – El Paso, Tx
Travis Z. – Ft Bliss, Tx
Cassandra G. – El Paso, Tx
Benjamin A. – El Paso, Tx
Hector R. – El Paso, Tx
Adrian V. – El Paso, Tx
Chuck R. – El Paso, Tx
Valentine C. – El Paso, Tx
Bart B. – El Paso, Tx
Marcia & Jj – El Paso, Tx
Juan B. – El Paso, Tx
Jonathan B. – El Paso, Tx
Lucero L. – Phoenix, Az
Ruben Z. – El Paso, Tx
Herbert M. – El Paso, Tx
Juan B. – El Paso, Tx
Ernie S. – El Paso, Tx
Robert G. & Serafina T. – Honolulu, Hi
Irina S. – Washington, Dc
Jacob D. – Goldsboro, Nc
Iris M. – El Paso, Tx
Alicia G. – Chesapeake, Va
David W. – El Paso, Tx
Patty H. – El Paso, Tx